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time to give thanks [22 Nov 2007|06:13pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

oh its time for my once a year posting!! haha so its thanksgiving and im waiting on my dinner..it smells really yummy!! and i have been thinking and even though i complain alot i have alot to be thankful for..first of all im alive so thats always a plus, im in school which is something i value to the highest extent. I have a good group of friends that i share some really good times with, a family that loves me, a place to live, food in my stomach, clothes, a job, a car, i really could go on but im sure you get the point. I have alot to not be thankful for but that doesnt seem to matter today..even better the new year is coming up and i can once again clean off the slate and try and wish for another fabulous new year. Which wont come soon enough, i have a full time job and i go to school full time and i really dont know where the time goes. i feel like i work all the time and i dont have time for pretty much anyone or anything. Livin in the valley helps alot though, i can at least see people more often then i would if i lived in the scv still..we throw some bomb parties at my place not gonna lie.. i do have somthings how ever to look forward to, phi delt date party in a couple weeks, im really excited!! something i can actually go to! haha and ms csun is next week and im performing in the opening act, its a phi delt event so of course its going to be a blast..oh and we kicked some pike pledge ass at the game this weekend 36 to 6 bitches!!

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wooohooo tonight! [12 Apr 2007|02:55pm]
[ mood | excited ]

mm good day at school, abt to go work outk, going to go to la fitness to visit the hot guy with charisse, then going to skate land with charisee for sig ep's fund raiser, then phikeia auction with the boys!!!!!!!!!!!! oh its going to be a good night!

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ahh my life [08 Apr 2007|10:09pm]
ok so its seriously been such a long time since i have updated but for those of you who care about me or care to know what is going on in my life here it is..im currently just finishing up with my spring break..i went down to mexico for the entire week and "roughed" it building a house for a needy family.. i slept on the ground and i didnt shower for an entire week it was fun..i have to say one of the highlights of my week was rosorito with claire..haha enough said back to my stressful yet fun life back at home.. i feel so much pressure to do good this semester its almost unbearable. my math class is currently kicking my ass and draining me. i have a huge feeling im not going to pass yet im still trying.. my love life is currently unexistant as im still trying to find prince charming..i have just about given up..the one guy who treated me amazing, bought me whatever i wanted, and would bend over backwards for me literally drove me crazy to the point where i had to break up with him.. its not something i enjoy but i felt it was necessary for me..its not something else i should be worrying about at this point in time i just want to date a guy and have it be really casual im not looking for a hardcore relationship but something more than just friends with benefits..no one wants something in the middle..oh well i dont need a guy to validate my existance anyway. my job sucks i dont work much and i am constantly surrounded my idiots who are full of themselves..i know typical right?? i just love to laugh.. whatever i get a good discount. im getting a new job this summer anyway at a summer camp doing couseling..its better pay so thats good..i hope to put a down payment on a new car at the end of the summer
my social life is the same..booming i guess i enjoy hanging out with my really good friends alot.. i love the guys and the few girls i am really tight with i just love to be around.. i have given up on just trying to be friends with everyone in my house because it is fake and not possible.. because they will just talk shit or go out with your ex bf lol i find myself hanging out with the guys more anyway..which i guess is another reason why no one will date me..i cant give my friends up thats asking too much of me.. i have already lost one good friend to a similar situation..its not fun..sometimes i just wish i could go back in time..things were so simple then.. instead of worrying about school so much i had to worry about what dress to get for the prom or what excuse i was going to make to skip swim practice.. i miss that life sometimes.. but we all grow out of it.. brittany is coming back this summer..so i will see more of her thank god.. i love hanging out with her sometimes because it gets me away from the ways of greek life..it does get exhausting after a while.. i have phi delt formal in a couple weeks..im pretty stoked its in san diego this time so it will be lots of fun.. ive swaped dates a couple times now and im going with starkman..i know that was predictable..whatever i dont care im going to have fun and its going to be fun to be there with everyone..my 20th birthday is less than a month away..i know woopee my big bro is throwing me a party at the house..that should make it fun..if i survive until my birthday that is..
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christmas time [13 Dec 2006|11:31pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

oh man i cant believe its almost christmas finally! well haha im excited for part of it i love and hate buying gifts..id love it alot more if i wasnt so broke! ahhH! i hate that i have a bf now..it was so nice last year not having one lol he has spent so much money on me its ridiculous!! he said his limit was 600..which is still wayy too much! i have a feeling he got me an i pod but i dont wanna jinx it! so next week we are leaving for nevada..which will be ok but im sure like ill be over it in a day..ill be stuck with literally only my family its going to drive me nuts! im going to miss everyone :( i hope my phone works this time..

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sooo yeah.. [30 Nov 2006|01:25am]
[ mood | cold ]

so i realized i havent updated in a looooooong time...sooo fall semester is finally coming to a close! im so stressed out! i need to bring my grades up so i get off of AP..mainly because i have a posistion now..i get to be new member mom next semester and im like really excited!! ahh! so i have a bf now..hes great..he is like soo amazing..the best guy ive dated in college by far..he spoils me rotten and he is a total sweetheart..i have a good feeling about where this is all going..on another note. greek week is this week and its the first time we are having it at csun..its basically when you are teamed up with other groups and you compete against eachotehr all week..and were with phi delt! woo! and a e pi..were actually kickin ass this week it rocks..i have a job interview this week for the store rhuel..its like the upscale abercrombie..just to check it out im not sure if im going to go there or not..its at the topanga mall so im sure that its going to be really nice..im really stressed out because i need money for christmas and i barely make any money it drives me nuts...

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im tired out of my mind.. [16 Oct 2006|01:20am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

this weekend was a loong weekend..worked friday night..then went to dennias 21st birthday black and white party..it was ok it was cold and rainy and there were a bunch of people that i didnt know were there..eh whatever..saturday was big sis revealing..that was so much fun..even tho it was a little prolonged..and really cold i got to reveal to my beta (second) lil sis and it was pretty cool..we went to a tke party after and got harrassed..it was pretty lame..some girls realy need to go back to high school and just let it all out..i think im going to see the grudge two tonight..im excited it looks pretty scary..i probably wont be getting much sleep tonight..

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my life is crazy! [12 Oct 2006|09:54am]
[ mood | excited ]

ok so i am literally in the middle of big sis week right now..im broke out of my mind..hahah its cool tho im having alot of fun and i think she will be really suprised..im going to her dorm tommorrow to decorate it when she is in class so i think she will really like that..this all makes me wish i was new again so i can get spoiled..haha maybe then i wouldnt be broke..so anyways..this friday is friday the 13th..i remember when my friends and i would watch scary movies and stuff..that was fun i might see the grudge 2 or something i really want to see it..i cant wait for halloween! its going to be soo much fun! although i might be too broke to get a costume which really sucks because i really want one! i was looking at these really sexy costumes from fredericks the other day..i was looking at a french maid and a cop..but like i said if i have money i can get one haha i really hope i can go trick or treating or something this year..last year kinda sucked..actually the past few halloweens have sucked :( which is terrible because halloween is only the GREATEST holiday ever! so i've taken two mid terms already..and i dont think i did well..i find out in an hour..i have my fingers crossed..ahhh i realy hope i did well..im so sick of being on probation..i literally cant do ANYTHING...i cant even vote on anything..it sucks..and everyone is going to formal next weekend and i cant go :( whatever i think all of us are going to throw our own formal anyway..but at the end of november im going to this marine corps ball thing..which is sort of a big deal i guess..i guess its like bigger than prom..but im going with this guy kevin..so i guess that can be in place of going to formal hahah who needs to go anyway?

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jealousy is a sickness..get well soon [06 Oct 2006|03:09am]
[ mood | calm ]

so word on the street is that i live a pathetic life and that im a total fake..i on the other hand strongly disagree and i think its sad people have to waste time saying shit like that..its really sad and pathetic to me..honestly fucking grow up people..gosh so on a lighter note..i literally had like the best/craziest day ever yesterday..so i go to class..get out go to nicoles and we get ready and go on our road trip to camp penelton for the day to visit her bf..if you all dont know what that is..its a marine base camp..so there are like a million guys there..haha so we drive all the way down there and hang out in san diego for the night with her bf and his friend kevin..it was alot of fun..we then went back to the barracks and watched movies..and they made out lol..so we ended up leaving at like 230 am..insane!! i didnt get home until 5!! so after doing all of that i have to say that im never doing something like that ever again on a school night because i must say i am absolutely DEAD right now!! this weekend is going to be fun! the boys are coming down so were all hanging out, watching nightmare in 3d on sat..phikeia sleepover on sat yes!!!!!!!!!!

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ewwww im sick [29 Sep 2006|08:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so going last night was a huge mistake..mainly because my sickness got worse and it leaves me sitting here on a friday night..it sucks. i was also put in one of the most uncomfortable situations last night at the tke rush event..i got stared down by tons of girls..it was awkward..and now im doped up on ny quill about to pass out..

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why do we have periods? honestly [26 Sep 2006|05:24pm]
[ mood | sick ]

blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i really hate being a girl right now...i know i know tmi..but seriously...i hate being inflicted with this pain once a month...its not needed.. its killing me..ive felt like shit the entire day...ahhh oh well so last night was our first meeting..it was long..went to im's after..i swear brian wont leave me alone.. he is obsessed with me..he actually told me yesterday he was in a "kimmy" mood..he always wants me to come over, hang out with him..he claims he misses me and he saw me yesterday..its all stressing me out.. i really wish he would just get over it already.. and he gets really butt hurt when i turn him down..i just dont understand..whateva anyways..i have cramps..yay...hahah sorry they just got really bad..anyways i have work at 7 am tommorrow morning.. yah not too thrilled abt that... guys rush starts tonight..i really need to go and be there.. but i feel like CRAP..so i think im going to go home and rest some before i totally lose it

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save the drama for your mama [24 Sep 2006|11:23am]
[ mood | irritated ]

ok so i was pretty much forced to go to the pi kapp blacklight party last night. I'm not a big fan of pi kapps and there is always crap going on..so of course my friend nicolette comes up to me and starts saying something abt this girl in another sorority..and of course one of her sisters heard..so of course she comes up to us and starts bitching nico out..she leaves and the party continues..i cant tell you i dont think as many disgusting guys tried to get with me or dance with me last night more than ever it was gross..i felt disgusting and violated..i had no problems giving them attitude and telling them to fuck off..so then i go outside to get some air..and the same girl comes up to me with another girl..mind you they are both trashy whores coming up to me in underwear telling me that i should control my sisters and that they know we are better than us...my response to all of that was "im sorry i am the wrong azd to be talking to, because i really dont care" im soo over all of this like honestly..when girls that i dont even know are coming up to me and bitching me there is something seriously wrong

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omg...so tired... [23 Sep 2006|11:12am]
[ mood | tired ]

ok sooo rush is offically over!! we got some good new girls..but to be honest im not too wild about all of them..all the girls i wanted went to other houses..and the girls we got i dont know or i barely talked to..there is one girl i would consider for a lil sis but im not too sure.. so yeah went to a phi delt party on wed..it was fun..todd's 21 birthday and they are all in vegas this weekend and i couldn't go :( i worked for the first time in a while last night..it was ok..this guy at work wants me i think..but he has a gf..its really a strange and awkward situation..he hasnt come out and said it but he calls me, texts me, makes me cds...i dont know maybe hes just being nice..my big sis alisha had a party for her dog last night so i went..it was ok..and now i am sittin on the couch doing nothing..and i really want to go to disneyland but no one else wants to.. bummer

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omg...sooo tired... [16 Sep 2006|09:05pm]
soo...im sitting at the azd house right now..ive been here since 7 am...im very tired..my feet are killing me but literally im having so much fun with my sisters right now! we are literally bumming it and doing hw and being losers haaha.. so umm two more days left..craziness..im seriously going to need to hang out with some hardcore tesosterone after this weekend..
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my body aches! [13 Sep 2006|06:39pm]
[ mood | sore ]

wow..i am so out of shape its funny...i feel like i have been hit by a car!! i didnt stretch before soccer tuesday and my muscles are shot!! and then i had to swim today so it made it even worse..and i have soccer again tommorrow..haha amazing..then ballet on monday..wow..anywho..im totaly ditching azd recruitment workshop tonight.. im at "work" lol i need a break im so over it..oh well it will be fun when its all over and everything goes back to normal. tke back to school party tommorrow..probably wont be there for too long but i have to make an "appearence" like anyone actually cares weather im there or not.. i need a back rub..or maybe a bubble bath... or maybe both..im sure my body will get used to it..its just been a while since ive worked out like everyday that intensely..its awesome so everything pretty much rocks..except the boy department..will someone date me please? thanks..lol sorry i didnt mean to sound desperate or anything..its just about that time ya know? you know what i mean..

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bessst weekend ever [10 Sep 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

wow this weekend was soo much fun i dont even know where to begin..i guess i can start with saturday night..hung out with charrise like all day and got ready for the sigma chi party at her place...i then found out that the party was at my church!! in one of our banquet halls..lol so we boarded the bus and went down the street..it was not that great..the dance floor was awesome but there were wayy too many people there and you could barely see anything so i left abt an hour into it..oh well
saturday-freakin amazing!!!!!!! got my nails done..its weird i havent had them done in a long time..then i went to my littles place and we got ready..we went to the phi delt party and there was no one there so we went to the a e pi party..we were literally there about ten minutes..enough time for us to say hi and for some creepy guy to molest me..but i told him off..we then went to the phi delt party and it was of course amazing!! i got a big bro mission..it was fun i had to wear this shirt that said ask me about my big bro and everytime someone asked me i had to say a sexual innuendo about him..it was alot of fun.. im so glad that i am finally getting missions now!!
and today i went to disneyland..it was pretty fun i always enjoy going there great start off to the first week of school..next weekend is going to suck..its going to be so hectic..at least it seems so..rush is just crazy and im soo over it

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so the back to school parties begin.. [08 Sep 2006|01:49am]
[ mood | excited ]

so tonight was partially a drag only because it was another workshop night..eww i really really cannot stand recruitment anymore..im soo over it..like a bridge..it was awesome..the phi delts came to our house and suprised us and brought us treats..it was really cute. so after we rolled to the sigma nu back to school party..it was actually better than i expected. there wasnt too many people there of course but there was a good turn out..i had sooo much fun dancing with everyone i freakin love it..my sisters are amazing..this weekend is going to be full of parties..sigma chi tommorow, phi delt on saturday..and tke next thursday..and im sure there are others inbetween yay!

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best weekend ever..but seriously [05 Sep 2006|08:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ok soooo friday- closed at work..ehh that wasnt too bad i guess..we got out pretty quick..after i went to the phi delt party..it was super amazing i cant even explain..literally everyone i havent seen was there..there were alot of new guys that were interested in rushing and i basically talked them all into rushing it was amazing.. i seriously havent enjoyed myself that much in a long time..its pretty awesome..i just really enjoyed hanging out with my sisters and the guys..it was a chill party..i freakin loved it..
saturday-pretty gay im not going to lie..
sunday- interesting..went to church..hung out wiht marci..shes really different now..its weird..then i went to the phi delt bbq..it was pretty chill i always have fun with the guys..especially when everyone isnt drinking and we are just hanging out..it was fun. after that i went to charrise's dorm and got an unexpected phone call from steven wheeler and he invited me to be his date to the sigma chi date dash..i guess in their meeting they were told they had one hour to grab a date then show up to the party..so yeah he grabbed me. the party was chill..i didnt know to many people but it was still pretty fun..charrise and i went to del taco after and got harrassed by some guy in the drive thru..it was scary..

monday-insane!! screw everyone that shopped at abercrombie that day! i literally rang people up for four hours straight it was super lame..went to the movies with people from work..saw idiocracy..it was kinda dumb..but it was funny office space was better of course..then i went to dennys with chives and caught up..it was awesome

tuesday-first day of school...ehh same old shit..very hot! hated matching every effing girl at school today..oh the joys of being in a sorority..

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thank god for friends [01 Sep 2006|12:43am]
[ mood | happy ]

i had like the most shittiest day ever today..i dont even want to think about it..im sooo glad i have great friends..i saw them tonight and it completely turned everything around and made me happy...the party was alright..but it was SO great hangin with my girls..what would i do without them? tommorrow is going to rock..im so stoked

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[31 Aug 2006|04:32pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

ok can i just say that i really really hate liars..and if you are going to lie to me about stupid shit..you lost my respect..seriously at least if you are going to lie to me..make it so i dont find out or somthing..god im soo over all of this..

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[30 Aug 2006|01:51pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

sooo school starts next week...so excited..i cant WAIT to get out of this shit hole..and all of its freakin little hs drama..seriously im so over it like a bridge..everyone is so different...i hate it..the people ive known for so long just arent who they used to be..its sort of dissapointing..but whatever i guess i had to move on.. i am really looking forward to moving into my apartment..it will be so different..and i can chill with my friends all the time..do whatever i want..well sorta i will be studying like no other but anyways..im watching my best friends wedding right now..its funny cameron diaz's name is kimmy in the movie..and the dude she is marrying is mike..what a strange coincidence..you know its funny but i just cant help it..

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