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These are my thoughts written down on paper

Its my only savior from not saying what i want to say

2 May 1987
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hey whats up im kimmy? umm yeah i go to csun im straightedge..i love to surf, listen to music, play soccer, swim, hang out with my amazing friends..so welcome to my life

Nightmare before Christmas is Spooky Love.
Made by xladyxragex

New Found Glory is Collision Love.
Made by xladyxragex

MxPx is Punk Rawk Love.
Made by xladyxragex

Hitler is Dead, Racism should be Next.
Made by xladyxragex

Avril is a Fucking Idiot.
Made by xladyxragex

Jesus Loves you.
Made by xladyxragex

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Tom Felton is sexy Love.
Made by nomorehope888

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Mean Girls is so Fetch Love
Made by colors_by_k